Nutrition & Wellness for Families


What can in-home nutritional therapy do for your family?

Proven benefits of proper nutrition for children: 

  • Increased ability to regulate emotions and behavior
  • Greater resilience and problem-solving ability
  • Increased focus and alertness in school
  • Reduced rates of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic illness
  • Reduced amount of sick days and trips to the doctor

Nutritional therapy can be especially helpful for kids with dietary restrictions or food allergies, those who are struggling with weight, common digestive issues, daytime drowsiness or inability to focus, mood or energy imbalances, and those at risk for diabetes.

I offer customizable packages designed to fit your budget and needs, and will provide services to you in your own home. 

The most popular family plan includes a 6-session package:

1. Family needs assessment and introduction to nutrition
2. How digestion works, gut health, and the impact of stress on the body
3. Introduction to a real food diet and education about food sourcing
4. Blood sugar balance and how to eat for a fat-burning metabolism
5. How to read food labels and which ingredients to avoid, optional fridge/pantry assessment
6. Family rituals and mealtimes, dealing with picky eaters, specific recommendations for the family’s unique needs

Additional services offered: 

  • Lifestyle factors for optimal family wellness. This may include strategies for improving sleep, meditations for relaxation, mindfulness and deep breathing exercises, detoxifying home and personal care products, etc. 
  • Supplements and superfoods. How to stock a holistic “medicine cabinet” using supplements, and incorporating superfoods into the diet for illness prevention. 
  • Grocery store or farmer’s market tour. This can include general knowledge about recommended products and navigating the store or market, or creating a list and shopping for a specific meal.
  • Weight loss program. This would be tailored the the family’s needs and require a unique plan and timeline.
  • Cooking demonstration
    -Option A: Cooking with kids to make a healthy treat or snack
    -Option B: Cooking with parent(s) to make a healthy family meal

Contact me for more information or to choose your custom package.