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According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 3 Americans born since 2000 will develop diabetes. 50% of the population is living with at least one diagnosed chronic disease. Depression and anxiety as well as infertility, obesity, cancer, heart disease, food allergies, ADHD, and autoimmune disease are all very common conditions affecting people today. An estimated 70% of Americans are taking at least one prescription medication, with particularly high rates of psychiatric drugs. However, just because something is common doesn't mean it is normal

Uncommon Wellness takes a holistic approach to health and seeks to identify the nutritional deficiencies and imbalances within the body that are the root cause of illness, while also examining the emotional triggers that are impacting health and happiness. Just like physical pain is a symptom of imbalance in the body, emotional distress is also an indicator that something is out of balance. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic illness, struggling with weight, or are otherwise dissatisfied with your health and well-being, there is hope. Nutritional therapy combined with lifestyle counseling can enable you to take back your health and dramatically improve your quality of life. While vibrant wellness for both body and mind may be uncommon today, it is still attainable, and you don't have to figure it all out alone.

Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Counseling

Nutritional therapy takes a holistic approach to wellness and seeks to identify the root cause of physical and emotional imbalances.  Together we will learn what your body and mind are trying to tell you, and what to do about it.

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Group Wellness & Events

Cravings & Connections is a 4-week group for women focused on un-complicating the relationship with food, cravings, and body image. Wellness RESET is a 5-week group designed to provide support, education, and tools to improve your health and wellbeing. Both groups are held on a rotating basis, so reserve your spot today!                                                                       

Nutrition & Wellness for Families

Proper nutrition provides the building blocks for healthy bodies and brains. A balanced diet has proven benefits such as improved focus, ability to regulate emotions, and decreased risk of diabetes and other common chronic diseases affecting children today.

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What Clients Are Saying

"My first session with Kristy was the catalyst for some powerful shifts in my health. My perspective changed from one of feeling overwhelmed by my hormone imbalance issues (and fibroid tumors), to feeling hopeful once she armed me with an understanding of how my system works. I now see how everything is interrelated (digestion -- hormones -- illness....). I feel so much better now that I have a realistic gamplan in place that she designed for me personally. I'm so incredibly thankful to have Kristy by my side as I take the steps toward getting my health back on track." -M., female, 41

"Kristy was able to break down all of the information and explained it to me in a simple easy to understand kind of way. Kristy has been my nutritionist for six months and I have had dramatic results which include increased energy levels, lower body fat, better sleep, less mood swings and an increased ability to focus. She not only taught me how to better my life but showed me where to get the newest nutritional information and encouraged me to become a lifelong student." -M., male, 33

"Kristy’s genuine passion for nutrition, health, and helping her clients is inspiring. She took the time to really learn about me, asking me detailed questions regarding my health background, lifestyle, and current health issues. I was very impressed at the depth of her knowledge and her skill in illustrating the specific connections between causes and effects of my diet and correlating health issues. Kristy’s ability to motivate is amazing and I felt empowered by her. Together we developed a strategic plan to meet my health goals." -K., male, 27

"No one has ever explained things to me in a way that made so much sense! I can actually understand what's going on with my body now and how these problems developed. I struggled my entire adult life with weight and never knew I was going about it the wrong way. Now that I am working on getting my body in balance instead of counting calories I am actually losing the weight!" -A., female, 54

"If you want a new perspective on how to improve your health and put better things into your body, schedule a consult with Kristy. She provided reasons for my health struggles, and she subsequently provided understandable solutions. She gave me the skills to make continued changes on my own. With her interpersonal manner and impressive grasp of her field, she will make you feel taken care of and supported, and put you on the path to wellness."  -S., male, 25

"Partnering with Kristy to improve my health has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I knew after our first conversation that she had the expertise and enthusiasm to help me reach my goals. Kristy has helped me address the underlying nutrition and lifestyle issues that have been negatively affecting my health. I am realizing increasing benefits on a daily basis thanks to Kristy's knowledge, genuine caringand passion for helping others improve their lives. I am so grateful for her support!" -C, female, 62

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Use this link to try Sunbasket meal delivery service with half off your first order. There's no commitment, and I personally use and recommend it!