Practitioner Training: The Integrative Practice

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Are you an NTP/NTC or other nutrition professional who would like to incorporate mental health into you practice?

As many of you know, nutritional therapy alone is not enough for clients to get well. Getting at the root cause of their health complaints is often deeper- rooted in their self-talk, emotions, and life experiences. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and Rachel Freeman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and we have been incorporating our mental health knowledge into our own practices with remarkable results, but not without having to spend a LOT of time talking it out with each other, as well as plenty of trial and error. We decided to use what we have learned and what we see working to help our fellow healers, but we also need YOUR help. We want to know what you would like to see in this program. Please fill out the form below with your ideas, feedback, or to be included in our email list for updates. You can also contact us at We welcome any suggestions you might have, but we are especially interested in hearing your responses on these topics:

1. What are the top mental health issues you see coming up with your clients? (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc)

2. What would you most like to see in a mental health course to augment your current skill set?

3. How interested would you be in incorporating a group program focused on emotions and the relationship with food/body into your practice?

4. Do you ever struggle with feeling burned out, or drained after working with clients?

We look forward to hearing from you and developing the content that you most want to see! By joining our email list you will be the first to know when the program becomes available, receive periodic updates, and have access to early registration discounts. 

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