Coming soon: Cravings & Connections for Practitioners!

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Diets don't work- but they sure can leave you with a lot of emotional baggage!  

As many of you know, nutritional therapy alone is not enough for clients to get well and maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Getting at the root cause of their health complaints usually requires digging deeper into clients' self-talk, emotions, and life experiences. Many clients come to you after years of dieting, cleanses, and nutrition challenges that never stuck. Whether their presenting complaint is weight management, chronic illness, or some other health issue, every client's presenting concern ties into their their relationship with food and with their body. When a client's self-talk is poor, their relationship with food is complicated, and they are motivated by shame about their body, your ability to help them reach their heath goals is greatly restricted. 

This is why Rachel Lynn Freeman, LCSW, NTC and I created Cravings & Connections. We wanted to address the emotional barriers and lay a foundation of self-worth rather than shame to give clients the tools they need to sustain any nutrition protocol. Having successfully run many groups, we are in the final stages of packaging this group to make it available for practitioner use. If you are interested, or you would like to be considered for the Practitioner Virtual Beta Group, simply fill out the form below:

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